Quality softgels must comply with many criteria such as seam integrity, leakage-free, content uniformity, stability, etc. In order to meet those criteria, one needs well-experienced softgel manufacturing skills as well as high quality softgel manufacturing equipment.

We guarantee the quality of our softgels because we employ world-class softgel manufacturing equipment and strictest quality control processes.

The Softgel Encapsulator, core equipment for softgel manufacturing process is manufactured and supplied by IRE Softgel, one of our affiliates in Korea. IRE has been devoted to softgel equipment for decades and developed a lot of advanced and user-friendly functions to assure premium softgels, for example, Fine Adjuster for filling time, Double-Heating System, etc.
In addition, all ancillary equipment covering
gelatin and fill formulation, drying tunnels
and grader are systematically organized from
upstream to downstream flow.

Our interaction between PHIL Inter Pharma,
a softgel manufacturer and IRE Softgel, a softgel equipment
manufacturer under the same umbrella creates ideal
synergetic manufacturing environment to produce
top quality softgels.