1. Quick absorption & higher bioavailability

Softgel fill materials are usually liquid, suspension or paste form. A body can absorb the fill materials quickly in greater amount; therefore the bioavailability is higher than tablets and hard capsules

2-time faster dissolution rate compared to tablet form Softgels have higher bioavailability than tablet form

2. Greater stability

As gelatin shell of softgels fully protects fill formulations from air, light and humidity, the potency is stably maintained for shelf life without deterioration.

Softgels were proved to have better stability than tablet form through test with Vitamin A, C and unsaturated fatty acid which are easily oxidized

3. Less side effect

With higher bioavailability, softgels require less quantity of active ingredients to produce equivalent or even stronger efficacy compared to other oral dosage forms; therefore minimizing side effects.

4. High value added products

Readily capable of producing softgels in various colors and shapes, value-added differentiation can be pursued in the market at reasonable costs compared to other oral dosage forms.

5. Easy administration

Easy to swallow due to slippery surface
and masking of smell and taste.