Softgels consist of gelatin shell and fill materials. Gelatin shell is prepared to be gel mass, and fill materials are prepared to be fill mass through respective processes. Then, the Softgel Encapsulator produces softgels with those both masses.

Softgel manufacturing process is divided into 3 major steps; Gelatin preparation, Fill material preparation and Encapsulation as follows:

Gelatin Preparation
This is a step produces the softgel shell. Gel mass can be produced by melting gelatin and mixing with plasticizers, and we take out air bubbles from the gel mass. Then gel mass is transferred to a receiver tank and mix with colorants.
Fill material Preparation
Fill materials for softgel is normally in liquid forms such as oil, suspension or paste. After mixing all fill materials, fill mass goes through milling to downsize particles, screening to collect any particles not downsized. Finally, any air bubbles are removed from the fill mass by using vacuum.
Softgel Encapsulation and Drying
When gel mass and fill mass are ready, both masses are fed to Softgel Encapsulator to produce softgels. After encapsulation, softgels go through 2-step drying process to remove excess moisture. Initially, softgels are dried at drying tunnels called Tumble dryer. Final drying is done in a temperature and humidity controlled room. After complete drying, softgels are inspected to prevent any under or over sized, deformed or leaking softgels.